Solutions for Retail

Managed Print Services

Optimize your print environment and outsource maintenance to our team of experts. Use our retail experience to your advantage to save both time and money.

Print and Digital Signage

Turn browsers into buyers with accurate and attractive shelf-edge signs and labels—both print and digital. It’s one system for all shelf-edge marketing.

Incident Management

Develop efficient, consistent loss prevention and incident reporting processes to reduce future losses.

Human Resources

Have your new hires ready to work on day one. Reduce paper management with electronic employee files to automate processes for both your new hires and your HR department.

Accounting and Finance

Automate manual tasks and reduce errors, gain greater visibility and a streamlined, automated solution for managing the documents that are critical for your business finances.

Logistics Document Management

Eliminate paper-based processes and the small inefficiencies that add up so you can reduce errors and accelerate your business.

Solutions for K–12 Education

Managed Print Services for K–12 Education

Take a holistic approach to managing critical information more efficiently, and place devices only where they’re needed to maximize productivity.

Process and Content Management

Boost staff productivity, lower overhead costs and improve student service with flexible capture, document management and workflow solutions.

Testing & Grading

Print test materials on demand, speed test assessment and eliminate the need for costly preprinted bubble sheets.

Copy Center

Save money on your districts copy costs and cut down on operational expenses, so you can devote more time to students. Individualized Education Plans Efficiently track assessments, reviews and student plans, and improve communication between teachers and parents.

Solutions for Government

Public Assistance

Streamline the processing of public assistance applications and simplify the management of verification documents.

Justice & Public Safety

Accelerate emergency response times by giving immediate access to essential records and information, such as plans, maps, infrastructure and special needs.

Business Office

Capture, access, manage and route any type of invoice, form or other document alongside any business application and process.

Administrative & IT Services

Integrate seamlessly and securely with enterprise systems and custom applications, all without programming or custom development.

Security & Compliance

Create a central, secure repository for critical information, such as constituent and personnel records, contracts, leases, projects and more.

Accessibility & 508

Learn how Lexmark is committed to developing products, solutions and services that optimize the productivity of each customer, including those with varying levels of abilities.